Marble (Metal Leg) Couch Table
    Marble (Metal Leg) Couch Table

    Marble (Metal Leg) Couch Table


    Delivery Setup Information

    Our products are shipped unassembled in a special package.

    Installation belongs to us as Jador Furniture. There is no additional charge for shipping and installation.

    The product is supported with honeycomb cardboard and corners inside the carton to prevent damage to the product during transportation.

    The package must be checked while receiving the products from the cargo. Damaged packages and products should not be received. Products that are found to be damaged are exchanged or returned free of charge.

    If there are damaged parts in the package after the product is received, when you send the damaged part number to our customer representative, the spare parts are taken into production and sent to you free of charge.

    After sales service

    You can use our product under the guarantee of Jador Furniture for 2 years with peace of mind.

    If you experience any dissatisfaction within 14 days of receiving our product, simply let us know. We quickly start the solution process and ensure your satisfaction.

    Please keep your warranty document in order to benefit from the after-sales service. You can contact our customer service representatives for damage caused during the transportation of your product. Your parts which are in the condition of broken scratches etc. will be produced within 2-3 working days and sent to you free of charge.

    You can pay with Bonus, World, Maximum, Axess, Paraf, Card Finans and Advantage credit cards in 3, 6, 9 and 12 installments.

    With 3D Secure services company and a leading payment systems infrastructure in Turkey Iyzico you can shop with peace of mind to our secure payment system.

    You can create orders via money order, credit and debit card, cash, and partial payment options on 0850 241 13 99 or by coming to our showrooms.

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