If you have an enclosed balcony at home, you also have a winter garden. A few furniture and accessories are all you need to turn this space into a conservatory. After moving to the conservatory, you can watch the rain from your comfortable sofa and enjoy the rain on your sofa or swing.


On these autumn days, when the hot summer sun hides behind the clouds, the joy of the garden gives way to the joy of the winter garden. Your choice depends on the width of the area. However, if your space is available, the corner sofa models Viva, Hisar and Lara from Jador Furniture complete your winter garden enjoyment. If you can create a reading nook when you have a space, you don't want to go in in winter.

While decorating this room, you can choose between simple and solid colors that reflect the naturalness. You can complete your furniture with fabric to make you feel soft and warm in this area. You can add a more intimate feel to the environment with blankets, seat covers and warm pillowcases made of wide knit. Also a great idea to add a small lampshade while decorating your conservatory. You can solve the lighting with tiny point lights. If you don't want to feel at home in autumn and winter, but outside and inside in nature, you should choose comfortable furniture that will allow you to spend a long time in your winter garden. You can create a romantic atmosphere with lanterns. You should prefer fluffy sheepskins or warm wool carpets on the floor of your conservatory.

If your space is tight, you can also consider our Santorini sofa model. The Fındık swing that you can find at Jador Möbel is one of the ideal pieces of furniture for your winter garden. If you don't have enough space for a sofa for furniture, you can choose a swing instead and double your enjoyment. You can complete the decoration of this area with plants and pots.













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