Many of us had to relocate our

offices during the pandemic we were in. The number of people who can do their jobs from their computers is also significant. It seems that these conditions, which we don't know how long will last, will allow most large corporations to continue this system. When we look at the result, we are now at home instead of in offices. So what should we look out for when setting up an office for ourselves at home?


Here comes a desk and chair that are suitable for your needs. The Venus desk, dresser and task chair that you will find in Jador Furniture play the main role in the office corner that you create in your home.


In the drafts for the work areas, the color and material now go beyond the usual patterns. The new generation work units, based on the need to work in an environment where the person feels good and can be productive, should be ergonomic, comfortable and comfortable

Jador Furniture's desk chairs, named Aras and Single, are also preferred by those who want to add color to their office. You can use our Roman model designed for those looking for a Scandinavian style desk by combining it with any task chair they want. You can choose any of the work units that we have designed for self-sufficient teenage bedrooms that you create at home.

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