The dining rooms, which we used as an exhibition hall for delicious menus during our time at home, were designed according to our new lifestyle. During this period, when crowded tables and invitations were put on the shelves for a while, collapsible dining tables were often preferred because they didn't take up any space other than invitations. While eating habits shape new consumption patterns and categories, it is said that the quality of the taste of a good meal is also influenced by its presentation.


Jador Furniture offers various model options with this type of folding system. With our models such as Lares, Sümela, Vento and Lexus, you can save space in your living space and use the closed dining table only for your family's tables.

Now that you've chosen your dining table, it's time to choose chairs and dishes. You can choose between the chairs that we have designed with comfort and convenience in mind. You can achieve avant-garde elegance in your home with a model with reflective surfaces such as metal and mirrors, while our wooden models give you a natural look. If your dining room is in a separate area from the seating area, you can choose a different style than the living room. However, if you are combining both the sitting and dining areas in the living room, we recommend that you consider the style of the seating area when choosing.




Don't forget to include flowers in your table after you've chosen your furniture to freshen up your dining room. According to a study conducted at the University of New Jersey, flowers have been shown to have a long-lasting positive effect on making you feel happy.

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