Back to school

During the pandemic we are living in, it is very beneficial for you and your child to create a space where children returning to school are comfortable when they return home and can work and focus in comfort. Since children entering school are individuals who are aware of their own tastes and make their own decisions, it is best to leave those decisions up to your children. One of the young room sets from Jador Furniture may reflect your child's dream.

Make your decoration functional and create work areas where your children can easily do their homework.


How do I decorate the children's room?

To create a space that suits your child's lifestyle, first examine the steps they have taken since their return. If the room he sleeps in at night is also his study, then you can create a separate corner where he only works at school. All children's room sets designed by Jador Furniture have a separate work corner and library area. This allows you to separate the areas where your child plays, sleeps and works in their room.


Importance of lighting

The lighting of the room where your child will work or even live should be sufficient in every part of the room. This is ideal for them to have enough fun with the game they are playing while playing and to create an ideal work area for them.

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