Capture elegance in art deco style


The art deco trend that emerged in Europe in the 1920s is evident in the heavy use of mirrors in decoration, mahogany-covered furniture, light chrome, dark colors, and fine lines. The models by Jador Furniture with the names Asil, Pearl, Agmenta, Vega, Image, Lion and Nis were developed for those who want to reflect Art Deco elegance in their living spaces. If you want to see the best Art Deco architecture in the world, we can show you the Chrysler and Empire State buildings in New York. The motifs in the upper part of the Chrysler building are reminiscent of rays of the sun, especially when the lights of the building come on at night, which creates the effect that the upper part of the building acts as the sun and shines everywhere.



Speaking of the Art Deco style with a unique appearance, you can add elegance to your living spaces while getting a modern look. The traces of the Art Deco style in the decoration are also very modern, geometric and curvy lines. In this style, straight lines can be used in conjunction with rounded shapes. The use of heavy mirrors, glass, and stainless steel in Art Deco furniture will grab your attention.

You can add the art deco style furniture you can find in Jador Furniture to your living room, dining room or bedroom along with a sun shaped mirror. In addition to this furniture, you can choose classic and antique items as decorative items. If you want to bring this timeless and elegant style into your home, you should take a look at the models Asil, Pearl, Agmenta, Vega, Image, Lion and Niş from Jador Furniture.


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