With the serenity and calm that it gives the rooms, the rehearsal-style designs bring the wind of southern France with them wherever they touch. You can choose furniture in feminine shapes to capture the spirit of this Mediterranean style, whose motto is naturalness and simplicity, and reproduce it in your home.

Jador Furniture offers three different collections for those who like the exercise style.

With our Kuğu, Country and Busem models, you can capture the breeze of the south of France at home.


Sample Style Ciphers

One of the first styles that come to mind when it comes to the Mediterranean and that was born in the south of France. The most distinctive features of the Provencal interior are its comfortable, stylish, warm and elegant decorations. Most of the original Provencal houses are built from local stone, which is then usually plastered with plaster of paris, making the surfaces look rough and natural. Pastel colors like the pale shades of yellow, green, and blue are preferred in wall colors.


In Province-style home textiles, where warm tones are preferred, an unlimited variety of floral and "toile de jouy" designs are among the most common patterns. In the Province style, where translucent and natural fabrics like cotton and linen are preferred, red, brown and terracotta colors are preferred on the floor. Ceramic floors or light wood parquet are used for floor coverings.

Furniture that is used in sample-style homes is generally light and comfortable.

Furniture is usually patinated with shades of white, light blue, gray-blue, and green.

One of the indispensable elements for a Provencal style house are the dining sets and kitchen accessories that reflect the Mediterranean style.

The main source of light in Province-style homes where simple designs are preferred for lighting is the sun. While light and thin tulle fabrics are preferred for windows, mirrors are often used for this reason, especially indoors. Fresh wildflowers and lavender complement this style.

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