The Effect of Colors on Decoration

Research shows that while under ordinary light, muscle activity in the body consists of 23 experimental units, under blue light this unit increases considerably. Yellow light increases this data to 30 units while green lowers it.


When you expose people to any of these colors, their brain activity becomes responsive even within five minutes.


The Psychological Effect of Colors

The reflection of colors in the environment enables people to be affected psychologically. For this, ceilings are always painted white. Because white is neutral, it is less psychologically interesting and increases concentration. It is useful to reveal the position and role of the room in the house in the wall color. Pastel colors are suitable for a room that is constantly used. You can prefer soft color tones such as water green, blue and soft pink. For example, the green color adds fresh air and vitality to every place where it is applied with its feature that evokes the spring season. Green, which is the most relaxing color for the eyes and body, gives a feeling of cool in hot weather and warmth in cool weather. As it instills a sense of hope in people, it also makes them feel good psychologically and physically.


Do not forget to consider the effects of colors when deciding on the furniture that Jador Furniture offers dozens of color options.


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